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Friday, February 27, 2015

Chad White Polaroids For Scoop Models!

Chad White Polaroids for his portfolio at Scoop Models!


Anonymous said...

My man! Thank you! *tries not to say something explicit*


Kenn Dunn said...

I thought you might enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Some company called "Runway Waiters" wants Chad to "join their team". I was livid.

Basically, they hire agency signed models to serve as waiters for events - - as if Chad were some struggling "fresh off the boat" bottom feeder instead of the five-figure salary supermodel that he is!


I get a bit protective of him.


Kenn Dunn said...

Awww. I don't know. I still bartend on occasion. If I looked like Chad I'd bet I could make some major tip money without having to work all that hard. :)

Karly Engracia said...

Not dissing the profession of course :D I'm just offended that they'd lump Chad with the rest of those nameless models on their payroll. None of them have the pedigree he does!

Also, Wally Savage is there :o must have been before he was signed with Soul though because his shots were before his current dom mode.


Juraj Zamek said...

Oky !

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